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Real Customers. Real Passion

Air and Water Hoses is the evolution of general purpose hoses. A conflation of 20 years of market and technical experience and the need to invent, BluBird was developed not with the market-needs in mind, but with the end-user needs. Not what is selling but what is needed by the men at work.It is quite simply the ultimate rubber hose.

Virtually Impervious

Oil-Shield is 100% rubber just like Blubird hoses but Oil-Shield is made from Nitrile Rubber. It has a Nitrile rubber core and a Nitrile rubber cover making it a Class A oil-resistant hose. Class A is the highest class for oil-resistance. In testing the Oil-Shield hose has been submerged in oil, diesel, gasoline and other chemicals and has not absorbed any of them. This is what you need if you’re working in a shop.

Best Quality Air And Water Hoses

Most people who work in shops, mechanics, welders, and other professionals think they are using an air hose designed for the Shop. Oil-Shield is the only True Shop Hose on the market today. Oil-Shield is in a class by itself. It is a true shop hose. Oil-Shield is 100% rubber just like Blubird hoses but Oil-Shield is made from Nitrile Rubber. is a Capital Acquisitions family company dedicated to the best air and water hoses in the world for home use, commercial use, marine use, shop use and any DIY use. The Blubird branded hoses as compared to other brands like Flexzilla, and Campbell Hausfeld are the only straight manufacturer from there facility to delivery. All air and water hoses have supreme durability with a special made and cured rubber alloy to give you extreme flexibility with extreme durability. Certain Air Hoses and Pressure Washer Hoses are even Kevlar lined to give Blubird RMX brand the only brand that can withstand hot and cold-water pressure hose in the world today. Blubird offers the best water hose quality in 25ft, 50ft, and even 100ft range for them hard to reach barns and gardens. We do support large purchases and offer distribution opportunists to any business.

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